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Lane Self Defense Collective is a group of people with varying self defense and physical conditioning experience that are organized to meet people where they are, and aid the community in development of self/community defense techniques.

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About Us

The Basics

LSDC runs group and individual trainings in martial arts and exercise (including self -defense, conditioning, running, boxing, and taichi chuan), facilitate open source kali, arnis, and muay thai trainings, as well as train people in firearms, knives, and batons. We are willing to work around schedules and offer these services for free. Our presentation style is consent driven, and strives to work with people where they are, including trauma informed consent and self defense training for participants with physical disabilities.

Our Values

We are an anti-abeleist, anti-racist, antiTERF, antiSWERF, antifascist, pro queer group working on decolonizing our minds and radical self care to better ourselves for the communities we love. If that works for you, we hope that we can make you feel welcome.

Community Focused

We are aware that self defense training can be a big step in someone’s life, especially when one may have to use it for their community, and we don’t take that lightly. This group also regularly meets up to unpack what community defense means and attempts to break down this colonial edifice many of us have constructed that places hero worship and violence ahead of community and resilience.

What We Do

Basic Self Defense Trainings

LSDC is happy to assist bipoc, lgbtqia+, leftist front liners, community organizers, and concerned community members with their basic self defense knowledge. We can host seminars, multi-session classes, and condensed classes, in individual and group settings. This is not session training to learn how to fight: this is course work to familiarize oneself with basic concepts of self defense to better survive an assault on the street.

FMA Open Source Training and Studying

Studying Filipino Martial Arts is a passion for some of the practitioners/trainers in this collective, and has taken a centerpiece in much of our training.  While not belted masters or gurus, we share our research and training in FMA to learn and pressure test applicable skills as a regular way of developing and maintaining one’s self defense skills.  We meet multiple times throughout the week, and are always happy for another person to join our group sessions, or start them on solo training, whichever works best.

Taijiquan Training

During Taijiquan practice, one moves the body gently to find flow and structural integrity, as well as develop internal and external harmony. It is a traditional martial art that involves coiling, warding off, pushing, pulling, and rooting upright in low postures for development of self-defense, balance, flexibility, and health. Sessions can be focused around addressing specific structural issues, or can be studies of entire Taijiquan sequences, long form movement drills. The process of learning entire sequences can be involved and take some time to learn, but the effort is very rewarding. We are happy to share this practice with you.

Exercise / Fight Conditioning Classes

If martial arts is not your thing, but you want to feel more capable of physically helping those around you, we are happy to work with you towards your fitness goals. Maybe you do like martial arts, but you don’t feel you are physically ready, we are here to help. While we are not certified trainers, we are health enthusiasts, and we are willing to share our knowledge and multiple decades of experience with you if you want the help.

Get Involved

LSDC is always looking for more people to get involved in various ways.

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Community Defense Resources

An essential part of progression in one’s understanding of subject matter is independent study and exploration.  Here are a few resources that may help you on your path to a better understanding of martial arts and  community self defense.


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